Dear Friends & Fans,

As we gear up to head to Memphis, TN  for the 2019 International Blues Challenge, we are reaching out to you for your help! As our fundraising campaign continues, we are hoping to offset some of our costs so that when we return from Memphis we have the necessary funds needed to keep traveling and bringing you the #HardStompinBlues you deserve.
Our online “tip jar” is open for business and any amount you’re willing to throw in will help us out tremendously. Just so y’all know exactly where your contributions will be going, here’s a breakdown of our main travel expenses on the #Back2Beale trip:

Van Rental:
Rental (w/ insurances) = $839.02 + Deposit of $150.00 = $989.02

Van does an avg of 21 MPG w/a 20 Gal Tank
2,066 Miles (approx) round trip
$2.59 Per Gallon (avg)
An estimated total of gas: $350

Total Travel Cost Estimate = $1,350.00

If you’re interested in donating just click the image below! Thank you in advance for your continued support in helping us do what we do best! We hope to see you at a show soon! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to Y'all!!!  

Gabe Stillman has got the chops and the intensity the Blues should have. Keep your eye on him!
— Toronzo Cannon, Alligator Recording Artist